Hi (OIBR3) shoots over 10.57% after investing in optical fiber

Hi (OIBR3) shoots over 10.57% with investment in optical fiber
Hi (OIBR3). Photo: Disclosure

On Monday (23), the common share of Hi (OIBR3) closed at a strong increase of 10.57%, worth R$ 1.14.

THE hi action continues following the rhythm of the last trading session, Friday (20), when the session ended at a high of 1.96%, worth R$ 1.04. In the year, however, the role of tele accumulates a drop of 48.64%, compared to closing at R$ 2.20 at the end of December 2020.

In the assessment of João Beck, economist and partner at BRA, this increase may be a case of a slight short squeeze, which is a disarming of short positions on paper.

In addition, this Monday, investors are paying attention to the announcement that the phone company invested around R$ 638 million in the expansion of optical fiber in southern Brazil from January to June this year. Currently, the operator offers the hi fiber in 40 cities in the region:

  • Dawn (RS)
  • Camaquã (RS)
  • Canoes (RS)
  • Caxias do Sul (RS)
  • Gravataí (RS)
  • Marau (RS)
  • Novo Hamburgo (RS)
  • Deep Step (RS)
  • Pellets (RS)
  • Porto Alegre (RS)
  • Santa Cruz do Sul (RS)
  • Santa Maria (RS)
  • Santo Angelo (RS)
  • São Leopoldo (RS)
  • São Lourenço do Sul (RS)
  • Viamão (RS)
  • Admiral Tamandaré (PR)
  • Rattlesnake (PR)
  • Columbus (PR)
  • Curitiba (PR)
  • Foz do Iguaçu (PR)
  • London (PR)
  • Maringá (PR)
  • Mediator (PR)
  • Palms (PR)
  • Pine forests (PR)
  • Ponta Grossa (PR)
  • São José dos Pinhas (PR)
  • Blumenau (SC)
  • Brusque (SC)
  • Chapeco (SC)
  • Criciuma (SC)
  • Florianópolis (SC)
  • Içara (SC)
  • Itajaí (SC)
  • Ituporanga (SC)
  • Joinville (SC)
  • Lages (SC)
  • Rio do Sul (SC)
  • Shark (SC)

With this strategy, the internet, TV (IPTV) and fixed telephony (VOIP) service in optical fiber increased by 40% the number of customers in Santa Catarina, 36% in the Paraná and 30% in Rio Grande do Sul during this period. In addition, Oi is the market share leader in the broadband market fiber optics in Rio Grande do Sul (23.8%).

In the corporate market, the company is investing in digital solutions through Hi Solutions, which recorded an increase of more than 3% in IT revenue in Santa Catarina and 2% in Paraná in the first half of 2021.