Horoscope of the Day: Forecasts for August 23, 2021 | Horoscope

The day's horoscope mandalas are designed by astrologer Marcelo Dalla
Marcelo Dallas

The day’s horoscope mandalas are designed by astrologer Marcelo Dalla


You win if you cultivate a more serious and thoughtful posture. Venus aligns with Saturn, it is important to demonstrate commitment and responsibility. Creativity can be balanced with realism and practical sense. It’s worth programming something different, learning something new that can expand your physical and mental horizons. However, the ideas must be organized and structured with criteria to be put into practice. You can better evaluate the proposals and calculate how to reach the objective.


It is easier to identify what should not be changed, what is already bringing results. New ones can be well planned and discussed. Good week for practical attitudes and tasks: repairs, works, revitalization and better time management. It is also worth investing in health care, finding room for improvement and studies. Discipline, attention, focus and objectivity are highlighted, the week can become more productive. Take the opportunity to research and check the facts with a more judicious posture.


Good time to improve your work, take care of each detail with more attention, use new tools and techniques in your task. Sun, Mercury and Mars follow in Virgo, favoring analysis, studies, research and organizations. You can dialogue, fine-tune projects in partnership and improve techniques. You can also assess your growth and gain clarity on important issues. Intuition grows more towards the end of the week, take time to analyze proposals, events and possibilities in more depth.


Invest in professional contacts, good opportunities can arise. The focus is on responsibility and achievable things. You can take advantage of Sun, Mars and Mercury in Virgo to organize ideas and feelings, cultivate a more objective view of life. Strategies, planning, revisions and technical improvements are highlighted. Learning tends to get faster and exchanges more dynamic. You can also look at yourself more to understand yourself better.


It is time to cultivate more realism, judgment and practicality, more focus on the goals to be achieved. Sun, Mercury and Mars follow in Virgo, showing the need to feel useful, with more mature and strategic attitudes. It’s important to cultivate a persevering and disciplined approach to achieving your goals. Take the opportunity to establish priorities. Try to balance your time to take care of your health and quality of life as well. It’s worth walking, stretching, investing in physical activities to relieve tension.


With Sun, Mars and Mercury in your sign, count on more expressiveness and more agility when dealing with practical issues. It’s time to look for new solutions and possibilities, in an atmosphere of freedom, at the same time with deep insights and understandings. However, avoid haste and rigid postures, try to make room for independence, autonomy and flexibility. Mercury and Neptune indicate confusing issues to be cleared up. From your birthday you gain new impetus for new projects!


With the harmony of Venus and Saturn, take the opportunity to be more practical and objective. Commitment, competence and responsibility are important and can open doors. Everything can and should be done with more whimsy and professionalism. You can improve your social skills with more maturity and responsibility. The period also favors dives into the soul, so that you can understand more about yourself, recognize your limitations, your talents and what needs to be improved.


It is time to assert your determination, conscience and willpower to transform yourself. Count on more courage, but avoid conflicts. Try to be open to sharing experiences, exchanges and the energy of others are also important. Mercury will align with Pluto throughout the week, favoring studies, therapies, healings, restorations and purifications. With more sensitivity and intuition, you can understand yourself and others more. You can unravel mysteries or discover something important.


It is worth investing in learning, in improving techniques, in the quality of the service it offers. Professional contacts, disclosures and negotiations are favored. However, it is good to balance new ideas with wisdom, maturity and realism for the best result of your efforts. Conscience and responsibility are the outstanding qualities. With Jupiter retrograde, it is important to evaluate your resources well, avoid waste, save, cultivate perseverance and carefully plan growth.


It’s time to structure projects, invest in the quality of the work, product or service you offer. Take advantage of this period to update information, invest in your career and strengthen professional relationships. Professionalism can and should come together with good manners, a smile, integrity. You can see where it’s worth investing your energy, where there is truth, integrity, and possibilities for the future. The keywords are: understand, search, gain clarity.


It takes more dedication, learn to give enough time for the seeds to germinate. You can calmly seek deeper understandings and healing dialogues. Just be careful not to overspend or expect too much. It is important to control impulsivity and anxiety. Your soul yearns for changes and new things, learning is to combine creativity with commitment and determination. New ideas can and should be supported by wisdom, maturity and past experiences.


Keep an eye out for development opportunities, new initiatives are favored. Take advantage of the week to demonstrate your capabilities. Venus and Saturn help organize finances. Invest in professionalism, realism and determination. This way you can see if expectations are exaggerated and define purposes more clearly. Make corrections and adjustments if necessary. It’s time to grow up with good planning. The preference is for simplicity, quality of life, health.