Ipiranga Group buys industrial park of Itaiquara, in the south of Minas – Economy

Plant was sold to Ipiranga Agroindutrial, which
The plant was sold to Ipiranga Agroindutrial, which 6 months ago had leased the Aucareira Passos plant (photo: Collection/FM)

The Ipiranga Industrial group purchased the industrial park of Usina Aucareira Passos. The approval of the purchase was made official by the Juzo da Comarca de Caconde (SP), where the process of recovery of Itaiquara, headquartered in Tapiratiba (SP) and former owner of the plant in the South of Minas, is in process.

Six months ago, Ipiranga Agroindustrial S/A leased the sugar and ethanol industries from Itaiquara Alimentos, as well as land in the municipality of Passos. Ipiranga Industrial is a group that produces sugar, ethanol and electricity, with manufacturing units in Mococa, Descalvado and Iacanga – all municipalities in the interior of São Paulo.

The mill/engenho, sugar factory and alcohol distillery, temporarily closed, were purchased through a judicial auction for the best price among those interested. The company announced the transaction on this Saturday (8/21), but did not reveal any amounts, only informed that Itaiquara remains in control of the yeast factory, located next to the industry, in Passos.


The harvest began on August 2nd, and hiring was streamlined. After the harvest, the forecast is to hire another 100 outsourced workers to work in sugarcane planting, from January to April.

The main objective of the acquisition of the industrial park is to invest in increasing the sugarcane growing area in Passos and the region, which currently has about 12.5 thousand hectares, and, consequently, to double or triple sugar production, which is destined for Copersucar, the company exporter.

The Shared Services manager of the Ipiranga group, Guilherme de Andrade Tittoto, said that the company intends to “invest in the training of labor, formation of the cane field and renovation of the Industrial Park”. “The forecast is that the plant, which currently only produces alcohol. , start producing ethanol again in three years and electricity in between six and eight years”, he added.


After the first harvest in Passos, in progress since August 2nd, and expected to end in the last days of September, the focus is on gradually increasing the areas under cultivation. The company works with 12.5 thousand hectares, including leased areas, areas from a supplier in Delfinpolis, in the south of Minas, and areas whose harvest is being carried out by a service provider in So Sebastio do Paraso, in the same region of the state of Minas Gerais. .

It is taken for granted that until the next harvest, between June and August 2022, the goal is to plant and care for the sugarcane fields in formation, because the region’s lands are excellent for producing excellent quality sugarcane – allied to the advanced system in technology since from planting to production.

Unlike white sugar that was produced by Itaiquara, the product extracted from sugarcane at the Ipiranga de Passos unit is called VHP (Very High Polarization). Less moist, used as a raw material for other processes and destined for refining due to its high polarization.

It can be used for consumption, but is usually exported to many countries to make refined sugar.