It’s not 007! Another Movie Makes Daniel Craig Earn Bigger Hollywood Salary

Daniel Craig as James Bond: Reproduction

the contract of Daniel Craig to star in the two sequels of Between Knives and Secrets made him the highest paid actor of 2021.

The comedy that became a hit of theaters ushered in a new era for actors on Netflix (which will be responsible for the sequel) by paying the star $100 million.

While scarlet johansson suffered a drop in his pay with the division of the box office of Black Widow and steaming services, Craig had the opportunity to receive a higher premium before the films were released.

At other times, the actor would receive his paycheck plus a percentage of the box office profit, depending on the success of the movie in theaters.

Craig’s case exposes the reality that perhaps the big stars no longer depend on an uncertain value and know in advance exactly the value of their work.

In a new era of movies that are bringing the general public straight into streaming, cases like Craig’s may become more common.

Until then, streaming might appear to be a less profitable venture for actors starring directly on the digital platform, due to the lack of back-end profits made from box office revenues.

However, recent Netflix contract negotiations have proven that the streamer is willing to shell out huge sums of money to enable even incredibly high salaries.

Ryan Gosling raised $20 million to star in the thriller The Gray Man, directed by joe and Anthony Russian, and Dwayne Johnson received $50 million for his roles as an actor and producer in Red Notice. So Daniel Craig is at the top of the pyramid with that amount.

Craig’s salary is just part of the big deal at Netflix that is intent on keeping directors and actors in their domains.

At first, it looked like the sequel to Between Knives and Secrets would have a theater release when Lionsgate announced a sequel in February 2020 with the return of the screenwriter and director rian johnson.

The next Between Knives and Secrets is set to present a new mystery with an all-new cast that includes Dave Bautista, Edward Norton, Janelle Monae and Kathryn Hahn. Blanc is the only character to return from the initial story, marking Craig’s importance to the franchise as the centerpiece that unites the films.

As for the third film, very little is known at the moment, apart from Craig’s right casting for the sequel. So far, it has been reported in the press in recent months that these films should compose a mystery anthology connected by Detective Blanc.

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