‘It’s not up to judge’ · TV News

Rodrigo Lombardi had great prominence in the skin of Alex in Verdades Secretas (2015). The actor says he is excited about the rerun of Walcyr Carrasco’s plot and says that, despite having lived a bad character, he doesn’t make any kind of judgment about his character.

“I believe that the actor has the role of executing the scenes, even if the character’s attitudes go against his line of reasoning, his morals. It’s a job that doesn’t fit to judge, it’s up to the actor to just decide how he’s going to conduct the work”, he says in an interview with Globo released to the press on Monday (23).

In the serial, Alex was a powerful businessman who became obsessed with Angel (Camila Queiroz) after doing a show with the young woman. Therefore, he decided to marry her mother, Carolina (Drica Moraes), in order to be closer to the teenager, which generated a dangerous game of intrigue.

“Backstage was very happy, but the energy of the recordings as a whole was very difficult, some days the tension was so much that we carried it around for a while. take that energy home,” says Lombardi.

He still sees the character as a turning point in his career: “Alex was an important character in my career, in a more personal sense as well. he has fallen in the public’s liking”.

Verdades Secretas will be rerun on Globo from this Tuesday (24th), every Monday, after Império; on Tuesdays, after The Masked Singer Brasil reality show; on Thursdays, following Sob Pressure; and on Fridays, after Globo Repórter. On Wednesdays, Globo shows football on time.