João Guilherme accidentally leaks Zé Felipe’s live number on Instagram: “I’m slow, bro”; watch

Laughing nervous with this ‘trolling’ here! This Sunday (22), João Guilherme was with Zé Felipe in São Paulo, and ended up inadvertently divulging his brother’s cell phone number on Instagram. Leonardo’s two children are very close and always play with each other, but imagine the singer’s trouble?!

It all happened after João made a live to interact with his followers on the social network. One of the questions was if he could show one of the conversations he exchanged with Zé. Jade Picon’s boyfriend not only aired the conversations with his brother, but also tried to call him while the fans watched. However, the actor forgot to plug his cell phone number and ended up appearing for all to see.

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After the oversight, the artist posted a photo in the story and played with the situation: “It had been unintentionally, but now the shit is done. I love you brother”, John wrote with a laugh and an emoji shrugging. Then he posted another image and wrote: “I’m slow, bro.”

Zephelip inside
What would you do if your brother leaked your phone on the internet? kkkkkk (Play/Instagram)

And the countryman seems to have taken it easy to have the number leaked on social networks. Virginia Fonseca, who was accompanying her husband on the trip, showed a video of Maria Alice’s father laughing after the mess. “He had to take the chip off his cell phone, he changed his number because of João Guilherme who leaked his number”, told youtuber with laughs. No time for tense atmosphere between the brothers!

Zé Felipe joined in the joke and said he would disclose the actor’s phone number to get revenge. João, in turn, reset the record. “I’m glad he took it easy”, he wrote. To show that everything was just a joke between brothers, the owner of the hit “Senta Danada” published a video of the two. “Thank you, see, Joãozito? For leaking my number, I love you. Was unintentionally, right?”, said the singer, hugging his younger brother.

On his way back to Goiânia this Monday (23), Zé spoke again about the episode and took the opportunity to make fun of it once again: “I was going to send a message now to my mother, my mother-in-law, my father to say that we are coming back. But, I forgot that I don’t have WhatsApp anymore. Thank you, João Guilherme”. Zé, don’t worry, that wasn’t a bad thing… your brother is careless anyway! Remember that he has already leaked much more personal stuff…