Joaquim Lopes remembers ‘Super Dance’ and jokes: ‘I was eliminated because of Sandra Annenberg’ | The Masked Singer Brazil

“I was eliminated because of Sandra Annenberg,” he said, laughing.

‘The Masked Singer Brasil Chat’: Joaquim Lopes joins in the joke about being one of the participants — Photo: Gshow

Lucio Mauro Filho joined in the joke and confessed:

“We were scared to death of being Sandra (the unmasked one).”

Joaquim Lopes and Lucio Mauro Filho have fun at ‘The Masked Singer Brasil Chat’ — Photo: Gshow

Would the atmosphere in the Chat continue to be mild? “If I were Sandra, I’d do it like this: ‘Oh, that’s boring, she was eliminated from the program…'”, joked Joaquim.

“My mother never watched Jornal Hoje in her life again,” he concluded. 😂😂

Camilla de Lucas welcomes Renata Ceribelli and guests at ‘The Masked Singer Brasil Chat’ — Photo: Gshow

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Did you miss the chat? See the best moments:

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