Joséphine Baker will be the 1st black woman buried in the Pantheon in Paris

American singer and dancer Joséphine Baker will become the first black woman in history to be buried in the Pantheon in Paris.

The announcement of the honor, one of the most important in France, was made by a government representative.

Joséphine was born in the United States in 1906, but gained fame in the 1920s in Paris. The artist was naturalized French and gained even more notoriety as a defender of human rights.

She was also part of the resistance during World War II and helped in the fight against the Nazi army. After the war, she was awarded the highest order of merit in the country by General Charles de Gaulle.

Joséphine Baker died in 1975 and was buried in Monaco. Now, she will be part of a select list of personalities buried in the Pantheon in Paris, one of the greatest monuments in the capital, together with the writer Victor Hugo and the philosopher Voltaire.

Born in the USA, Joséphine Baker became a French citizen and died in Europe in the 1970s / Reproduction/CNN Brasil (23.Aug.2021)

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