Juca: Corinthians reacts, but irresponsibility in management cannot be ignored – 08/23/2021

Corinthians achieved a good sequence of results in the Brasileirão, winning yesterday (22) the Athletico-PR in Curitiba, to take sixth place in the standings, with an improvement in performance also since the arrival of reinforcements like Giuliano and Renato Augusto. A good condition for those who were afraid of fighting to escape relegation, but at a high cost, which causes concerns for the future.

In the podcast Posse de Bola #154, Juca Kfouri praises Corinthians’ reaction on the field, but warns of what happens off it with the expensive signings the club makes at a time when it is experiencing financial difficulties.

“Corinthians won the second game in a row in the Brasileirão in 17 rounds, Corinthians has 24 of the 51 points they played, less than half of the points they played. In other words, a mediocre campaign. Does Corinthians react? Yes, Corinthians reacts. Does Corinthians begin to look like it? Yes, it does. What face? The face of the security game, of the team that defends itself first, much without the human material it had at the time, as Tite used to do. from the midfield simply with the entry of Giuliano, add, from the moment Renato Augusto enters, it changes even more”, says Juca.

“It’s obvious that Corinthians fans have reasons to be happy. Of course, they won two weekends, they won against Athletico-PR at the Arena da Baixada, which is not easy for anyone. Now, this cannot make Corinthians forget about the irresponsibility that Corinthians is committing. The work of Corinthians was with limits on its payroll to fight not to fall and Corinthians brought in two stars, which cost dearly, and is trying to bring in a third, which is also expensive, which is Roger Guedes , which changes Corinthians even more,” he adds.

Juca says that the best thing for Corinthians would be to escape any risk of relegation, even fighting for a higher position in the table, but without expenses that could further complicate the club’s financial future, which has a high level of indebtedness.

“Are we going to think that we are the last cookie in the package? So that we have to pay for it later? It’s good to be aware because this is not the way to salvation for Corinthians as a club, as an institution. This is what I call critical joy,” he explains Juca.

“Are you going to ask me, am I satisfied as a fan? I’m satisfied with Corinthians’ position, less than with their performance, but that doesn’t allow you to be blind to what’s behind it, how much this ephemeral joy of being in the G6? I repeat, the task of Corinthians this year is not to fall and it would be not to fall within limits, with a team of that size and not with the team that Corinthians is building,” he concludes.

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