Juliana Caetano appears crying a lot after being kidnapped

Juliana Caetano, better known as Juliana Bonde, worried fans last Sunday (22), after posting in her Instagram Stories, who had suffered a kidnapping from his home. This Monday (23), the singer returned to social networks to clarify what happened.

“I was threatened with death”

Through a video, just over 4 minutes, the artist told details of the death threats she received and made an appeal, asking for help. “Hi, it took me a while to come here to talk, because I was threatened with death, me and my family. But now I think the only way I can solve something is asking for help and talking. I’m tired of having to move house.”, she started, crying a lot on her Instagram.

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In sequence, Juliana Caetano explained the reason for moving house and talked about fulfilling a dream he had, to give his parents a better life.

“I made a dream come true, which was to take my father out of work. He was a bricklayer’s servant, and I bought a little rural property. We went to live, me, my father and my mother, together, in the interior of São Paulo, in a city called Juquitiba. To get to my house I had to walk about 10km of unpaved road. I really wanted to isolate myself, because of the threats I receive. And I fulfilled the dream of bringing him in, taking him out of work and making him live with me. Because my father has a lot of back pain and I didn’t like to see him working so hard.”, explained the famous.

Juliana Caetano appears crying a lot after the kidnapping (Photos: Reproduction/Instagram)

Juliana Caetano tells details of the kidnapping

In sequence, Juliana Caetano told details of the kidnapping and explained how the approach took place. “Then he lived in a little house upstairs and I had been living for just a month, down below, with my aunt. At 2 am, on Saturday night (21), my father came down screaming, saying that my mother was feeling sick. Then he started kicking the door and that scared me. When I went downstairs and opened the door, a man already pulled by my hair and put a gun behind my back, telling us to come in.”, reported the vocalist of Bonde do Forró.

“They deposited a lot of money from my account and took all the money I had at home. I don’t know what bullshit and my innocence, that I left almost all the money at home in a safe. They took everything, my work notebook, my cameras, but that’s the least for me. What was worse was my father’s trauma and sadness. Now I don’t know what he’s going to do, if he’ll come back, if he’ll stay here… I don’t know.”, vented the muse.

Given the situation, Juliana Caetano continued with her report and took the opportunity to make an appeal. “And I really wanted to ask for help, I don’t know, someone to do something. Because I did a police report, but we know that these things don’t seem to work and don’t solve anything. And one thing I’m sure of is that it was someone very close to me, someone close to home who knew everything, where the money was, knew many things, where my father and mother were sleeping.”, she said.

“And I wanted to ask a lot, for someone to help me. I’m very tired, every time I have to move house, threats, I’m thinking a lot if I’m leaving Brazil, because it’s very sad. I really love living here, but I don’t know… if it’s worth risking my life and my family’s. I can’t speak anymore. I just want them to catch these people who are chasing me.”, asked the singer.

“I can’t stand having to move house, hiding, having to disappear from the internet, having to stop working. I don’t know if I can go back to playing shows anymore. And the bandits who arrived at my house said they came to kill me. Who asked to take my life. Thank God the worst didn’t happen. And I just want help, I want help. I want to go back to living normal.”, finished Juliana Bonde.

Check out the full video:

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