Justice orders Unimed to grant treatment for childhood autism

Unimed will have to provide medical treatment to children with infantile autism. So decided the judge of Law Suzie Caproni Ferreira Fortes, of the 5th Civil Court of Maringá/PR. For the magistrate, it was demonstrated the danger of harm if the child does not start the prescribed treatment.

(Image: Freepik)

Unimed should provide treatment for childhood autism.(Image: Freepik)

The child, represented by his parent, claimed that he was diagnosed with childhood autism, being prescribed medical treatment consisting of complementary therapies, associated with psychiatric treatment. He said that his parents requested the release of the treatment from the health plan, which was denied, on the grounds that the treatment was not included in the ANS’s list.

In analyzing the case, the judge considered that the danger of harm was demonstrated if the child did not start the prescribed treatment, due to the opinions issued by the physiotherapist, psychopedagogue and occupational therapist, clarifying that the infant’s condition is serious and that treatments must be started urgently.

“Thus, in view of the authorizing requirements for granting the injunction, it must be granted, noting that the defendant’s denial in the cost/availability of full treatment to the plaintiff due to the absence of a provision in the ANS’s list cannot be accepted as justification, here is that the list is merely an example and the need for treatment was demonstrated, in summary.”

Therefore, it granted tutelage to determine that Unimed provide the prescribed medical treatment.

The lawyer Rubens Amaral Bergamini, from office Rubens Amaral Bergamini Law Firm, acts on the cause.

  • Process: 0011854-84.2021.8.16.0017

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