Justice recognizes Vasco’s right to centralize the execution of labor debts | Vasco

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Judge Edith Maria Correa Tourinho, president of the Regional Labor Court of the 1st Region, recognized Vasco’s right to centralize the execution of all its labor debts. In the order published on Monday, the magistrate gave a period of 60 days for the club to present a payment plan.

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In the decision, the judge it also denied Vasco’s request to suspend the Special Regime of Forced Execution (REEf), determined by Fernando Reis de Abreu, TRT-1’s centralization manager, which charges R$93 million in debts with former employees. This charge was made after the club was excluded from the Labor Act.

Jorge Salgado’s administration appealed after forced execution of R$ 93.5 million — Photo: Reproduction Vasco TV

The manifestation of the president of TRT-1 took place after Vasco joined, last August 10, with the request for the establishment of the Centralized Execution Regime (RCE), a possibility provided for in the recent law that instituted the club-company in Brazil. The legislation guarantees the right to centralize collections so that, by avoiding individual liens, it can pay its creditors within six years by transferring 20% ​​of the monthly income. Only after analyzing the plan to be presented will the magistrate decide whether it will be valid or not.

Excerpt from the decision of the TRT-1 president — Photo: Reproduction

With the decision, Vasco has recognized the right to the CER and has executed the REEF against it. In the club’s understanding, the two are incompatible. Therefore, Vasco will still try to suspend the REEF.