Justice rejects accusations of Nego do Borel against Duda Reis

Duda Reis and Nego do Borel (Photo: Reproduction)Duda Reis and Nego do Borel (Photo: Reproduction)

The legal battle involving Duda Reis and Nego do Borel gained a new chapter: the Court rejected the singer’s accusations against the actress. He had filed a criminal complaint alleging that his ex-fiancée used social media to defame him. The information was disclosed by journalist Hugo Gloss, who had access to the judge’s decision.

“Considering that the facts took place on 01/12/2021 and that the plaintiff became aware of them on the same day, as can be seen from his own statement at the police headquarters, when he reported the alleged crime, the statute of limitations began on that date and ended on 07/11/2021, as provided for in article 10 of the Penal Code (…) Reason why the punishment of the defendant must be extinguished”, declared the magistrate.

The actress celebrated the decision on Twitter. “It’s not just about me, it’s about all the attempts at silencing women go through by denouncing,” she wrote.


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Nego do Borel decided to sue Duda after the actress accused him of assault. Duda’s complaint was corroborated by another ex-girlfriend of the singer, who also decided to file a lawsuit against him. After the judge’s decision was made public, Duda’s lawyer, Izabella Borges, spoke on social media:

– The woman has a guaranteed constitutional right to talk about the violence she has experienced, especially that woman who denounces these same facts to the police. We, who work in cases of domestic violence, know that it is quite common for women who denounce and speak publicly about their case to suffer retaliation as a form of silencing. This logic of distributing a series of cases against the victim of domestic violence still silences many women who are unable to hire a law firm to defend them from criminal charges for talking about what they lived and many of these women fail to report and seek help. May our judicial system be always careful not to revictimize those who join forces to denounce.

Duda Reis celebrates a favorable court decision in a case against Nego do Borel (Photo: Reproduction)Duda Reis celebrates a favorable court decision in a case against Nego do Borel (Photo: Reproduction)