Karen Jonz claims that the expression ‘serker’, used at the Olympics, has spread: “I never imagined”

Karen Jonz, skateboarder who worked as a commentator for skateboard of SportTV during the Tokyo Olympic Games, was impressed with the repercussion of an expression she said during one of the broadcasts and which quickly went viral.

At the time, she used the word “xerecou”, which became one of the most talked about during the Olympics, always appearing on Twitter’s Trending Topics — in particular, during skateboarding broadcasts.

When talking about the subject in the podcast “Prazer, Renata”, from G1, Karen commented on how the expression became popular. “It took on a life of its own. I would never imagine the proportion it is taking, the discussions it is bringing, the amount of awareness,” he began.

“I honestly couldn’t be happier for having said something that was funny at the time and for the things that are happening now, for what it’s generated,” she said then, happy with the popularization.

The word was used by Karen after Australian skater Hayley Wilson slammed into the handrail during a maneuver. The spontaneity of the commentator caught the attention of netizens almost immediately.