Kevin Feige says hiring Robert Downey Jr. was Marvel’s biggest risk

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THE Marvel Studios has taken several risks since launching Marvel’s Cinematographic Universe in 2008, but to Kevin Feige, the studio president, the biggest still remains one of the first: hire Robert Downey Jr.

In an interview with CinemaBlend, Feige talked about the risks and dangers of creating a great Cinematographic Universe, citing the biggest of all the hiring of Robert Downey Jr. for living Tony Stark, iron Man.

“I was lucky enough to be involved with the first Spider-Man and X-Men movies. But we wanted to make an Iron Man movie. And I think, still, that the biggest risk – which seems outrageous to say now – was casting Robert Downey Jr. It was the biggest risk and the most important thing in the founding of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Without Robert, we wouldn’t be sitting here today. I really believe in it.”

Robert Downey Jr. in a scene from Iron Man (2008).

Even though he is one of the biggest and highest paid actors in Hollywood, Downey Jr. was not always a big name in the film industry. At that time, the actor was still trying to return to his career after a long period of personal problems. Another problem is the fact that Downey Jr. had no experience in action movies. According to Feige:

“He was an amazing actor. Everyone knew he was an amazing actor. But he wasn’t an action star, he wasn’t a high profile actor, necessarily. And we quickly saw that the risk, I’ve said this before, was not climbing it. Jon Favreau really had a vision for that movie and for Robert in that role. That decision, and the success of that decision, I think, empowered us to take bigger risks and decisions.”

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