Latino reveals having made the song ‘Tô Nem Aí’ after taking off Kelly Key

Credit: Instagram reproduction montage

Latino and Kelly Key (Credit: Instagram reproduction montage)

I do not care“, song that was one of the biggest hits of the 2000s, was composed by the singer Latin after he gets dumped by his ex-partner, Kelly Key. In an interview with the podcast “Papagaio Falante”, the artist said that the song appeared when he was in a moment of low emotionality due to his separation.

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“The song is my authorship together with Luka. I was suffering a lot for Kelly Key at the time. I had dedicated myself 100% to that relationship, I took a foot in the ass. And then I stopped at a bar. I remember as if it were today, there was a friend, Cristóvão. I was really sick in my head, fuck***, a little disoriented, it seems like the world was falling apart, taking a black stripe”, began Latino.

“Cristovão introduced me to Luka, who was there performing, and I said: ‘Man, the woman has a tone of Shakira, amazing, let’s try to unravel something with her’. The next day, I went to the studio where she was, and we made the song that broke out and was successful in 14 countries”, he recalled.

He also stated that it was the singer who ended the relationship: “She was living in a world of stardom, which is normal with someone who is successful and was at the peak of her career. You may not be able to see, so clearly, what is around you. I’ve been through this, I don’t blame her for this. When I was in stardom, in the same position as her, especially when you are dazzling with an enchanting world of the artistic world. So, today I really forgive. Who has never been dazzled in their artistic career? It’s normal. She was very young, she had a lot to live for”.

Latino ended by saying that he doesn’t have much relationship with his ex, but that he has a good relationship with the daughter he had with her, Suzanna Freitas, 20 years old. “I haven’t talked to her for a long time. My daughter is a wonderful bridge. She is always looking for her father. She was raised with a lot of love and affection by her mother and her stepfather, whom she calls her father. Happy she was able to have two parents: more love and affection. Thank God he’s a guy who always treated her well”.

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