Laura Keller explains controversy with Virginia: ‘It wasn’t envy’ | celebrities

Laura Keller and Virginia

Laura Keller and Virginia

Laura Keller, participant of the reality show “Ilha Record”, used her Instagram profile on Monday night (23) to explain the controversy involving the influencer Virgínia Fonseca and her daughter, little Maria Alice.

Earlier, Laura commented on an Instagram post about the R$515 pair of socks Virginia bought for Maria Alice. “Each one with its own reality, but the R$1.99 socks will warm the foot just the same,” said Laura.

The subject reverberated on the web and some Virginia fans didn’t like Laura’s comment. The Power Couple champion, then, tried to ease the situation. “I commented in a humorous tone. I didn’t do this to criticize, I would never criticize a mother. Every mother knows her condition, what is best for her child (…) I was imagining a R$ 500 sock at the foot of the my son turning into a rag,” began Laura Keller.

Laura is the mother of one-year-old Jorge Emanuel. The participant of “Ilha Record” reinforced that it was not to snipe Virginia. “It wasn’t a criticism, nip. It wasn’t envy, biscuit, nothing like that. It was a comment to something I thought was funny at the time. Virginia, a kiss for you, your husband and the puppy,” he concluded.