Letícia Bufoni comments a post by Gabriel Medina’s sister, her ex-affair

World skate champion Letícia Bufoni, who once had a “colorful friendship” with surfer Gabriel Medina, admitting this on social media, made a point of commenting on a post by the athlete’s sister on Instagram, also Sufi Sophia Medina, 16 years old, showing intimacy with the teenager. It is worth remembering that Bufoni and Yasmin Brunet, wife of the two-time world champion, had a public estrangement a few days ago.

Sophia, who is spending time with her family in France, posted a photo of her appearing with the Eiffel Tower in the background, before the trip. In the publication, she wrote: “One day for Paris”. The skater commented below: “I loved seeing you, So. Good luck in the competition”. The teenager replied: “Thank you, Le. I loved seeing you too”. Simone, mother of surfers, wrote next: “@leticiabufoni we still saw the Paris champion lindaaaaa!!!!! Good to see you always well”.

Controversy with Yasmin Brunet

After the Tokyo Olympics, Bufoni made a comment on his social networks about the hints he received from the surfer and his wife. It all started when the world champion skater shared a post giving a hint. The digital influencer and model didn’t like the joke.

Bufoni posted on his social networks that “people don’t know how to take things in stride”. “I am a happy person and I like to play. Didn’t like it, bye baby”.

The game started after Bruno Fratus kissed his wife and coach, when he won the bronze medal in swimming. The skater shared a post that insinuated that Yasmin would be jealous of the moment. The model had the request to accompany Gabriel Medina in the competition denied by COB.

Soon after, Yasmin and Medina made posts with hints saying that “a certain person” would be a cookie, that is, wanted to draw attention, and besides was lacking with respect. Fans and internet users of the trio associated the posts with Bufoni.