like Benfica x PSV is worth a lot even to Flamengo

After winning the PSV 2-1 in the first game, O Benfica now play his life to secure a spot in the group stage of Champions League, this Tuesday (24th), at 4 pm, against the Dutch. And a classification is essential for Jorge Jesus’ team for reasons that include sports, finance and even possible reinforcements.

The main objective of Encarnados is in fact to return to the main competition in Europe, since the club failed in the season by falling into the playoffs. At the time, Benfica had made a high investment in the team, but fell early to PAOK, then led by Abel Ferreira, and compromised the club’s finances.

For the current season, Jorge Jesus had an investment that was far from what was done. And he sees the Champions League as a relief to Benfica’s coffers. A classification for the group stage alone would give 15.64 million euros, about R$99 million, just for participating, not counting the extra prizes per result: 2.8 million euros for each victory (R$17, 7 million) and 930 thousand euros for each tie (R$ 5.88 million).

In order to qualify, Benfica could still earn much more in the Champions League. One way to the Eighths 9.6 million euros (R$60.7 million) One way to Wednesdays 10.6 million euros (R$67 million) One way to the Semis 12.5 million euros (R$79.1 million) Go to Final 15.5 million euros (R$98.1 million) Extra champion of 4.5 million euros (R$28.5 million)

In addition to the award, Benfica can also gain a boost if they guarantee a spot in the group stage. David Luiz is an old dream of the club, but the defender is also on the radar of the Flamengo.

And the Champions League dispute could be an attraction for the idol of the Benfica fans and a great friend of Jorge Jesus to return to the team that gave him visibility in Europe. On the other hand, a fall would certainly bring David Luiz closer to choosing Brazil as his destination for the sequence of the year.