Liverpool vetoes game stars with their national teams and creates trouble for Tite in Brazil

Roberto Firmino, Alisson and Fabinho should be left out of the next three games for the Brazilian Team against Chile, Argentina and Peru, for the South American qualifiers for the world Cup 2002 in Qatar.

According to the newspaper Daily Mail, O Liverpool chose not to release players because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the quarantine rules, Brazil is part of the so-called ‘red list’ of the English and, therefore, athletes would have to be isolated for 10 days in a hotel before returning to England.

Given this scenario, even with the Premier League paralyzed, due to FIFA Data, the trio would be under Jürgen Klopp’s team in the fourth round of the competition, against the United Leeds, on Sunday (12), away from home.

In addition to the Brazilians, the English club will also bar striker Mohamed Salah, called up for the African qualifiers, for the same reason. Like Brazil, Egypt is also on the ‘red list’.

The ‘Reds’ board is willing to release it only for the game against Gabon, as the country is not on the same list as Brazil and Egypt. However, he will not be able to travel to Cairo for the match against Angola.