Lojas Renner re-establishes e-commerce system and application after cyber attack | Economy

Renner communicated to the market that it suffered a criminal cyber attack in its information technology environmentMarcos Gouvea

Published 08/23/2021 2:51 PM

Lojas Renner was able to put its shopping site back online last Saturday and the network’s application also returned to work on Sunday, 22. The company has not issued more communications since last Friday, 20, when it informed that its teams continued to work to restore e-commerce after the cyber attack on Thursday, 19, which took the systems offline.

Also on Friday, Procon-SP reported that it notified Lojas Renner asking for explanations about the cyber attack that the company suffered.

According to the agency, the company must inform which databases were affected, what was the level of exposure, for what period the site was unavailable and if there was a leak of personal customer data and other strategic information by Wednesday, 25 .

The management of Lojas Renner stated, on the same Friday afternoon, that it had not been aware of any formal notification from Procon-SP.