Luísa Sonza provokes a climate and leaves Viviane Araújo embarrassed at Globo

Luisa Sonza
Luísa Sonza surprised with a comment about Viviane Araújo (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Luisa Sonza composed the artistic jury of Super Dance of the Famous, gives Globe, in this sunday (22), and took it by surprise Viviane Araújo. Before giving her grade to the artist’s salsa performance, she decided to dig up from the past an assessment she received from her.

The singer, it is worth remembering, participated in the painting in 2019. “I have to tell you something, Vivi that took me out of the ‘Dance of the Famous’ in 2019. She gave me 9.9. The grade I’m going to give today, I think I can understand“Started the blonde.

With good humor, Luísa Sonza sent the real thing: “Just kidding, I just wanted to give a little scare. You only gave me 9.9 because I didn’t even come close to what you did today, I don’t come close to the strength and brilliance you have here on stage”.

“Look how life is, right guys, look who’s here in front of me today”, replied Viviane Araújo, laughing at the famous woman’s comment.

The singer added: “I got emotional here because I remembered what I experienced here in salsa, I know how difficult it is and you guys did amazing things. It’s a nervousness here that I’ve never experienced in my life. Obviously, my grade is a ten for the merits of both of you. You are amazing, congratulations”.

“Look how great, what a pure heart”, provoked Tiago Leifert, in the attraction. Fábio Porchat was amused by the situation. “Viviane went to see a show of mine and ended up not paying in full, she paid half”, shot.

Check out the repercussion:

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