Maceió Health Adjunct dismissed after suspicion of accumulation of functions and shifts in hospitals of the government of AL

The deputy secretary of the Maceio Health Department, Aldo Calaça, was removed from office, upon request, after the administration of Mayor JHC (PSB) became aware that he had accumulated functions in the city hall and in the State Department of Health (Sesau) as a doctor. The exoneration came out in the edition of the Official Gazette of the Municipality (DOM) this Tuesday (24).

The municipal management learned that the deputy – who should work with exclusive dedication in the folder – was also giving shifts and receiving salaries from Sesau. Officially, the city government informed that Calaça was exonerated, but did not detail the reason.

However, sources linked to the mayor’s office confided that JHC did not allow the doctor to continue in office in the face of accusations that plague and open up the political use of the State’s portfolio.

THE Gazetaweb, the office of deputy Davi Maia (DEM), who denounced the doctor Marcos Ramalho for the accumulation of functions, shifts in more than one location at the same time and the salary of R$ 72,000 in the state, detailed that it became aware of the double shift of Calaça and that JHC’s management is right by adopting the zero tolerance policy in the face of suspected irregularities.

The deputy’s dismissal in the municipality comes a day after Governor Renan Filho (MDB) ignores the litany of complaints against Ramalho and the management of the Health Secretary, Alexandre Ayres, and publicly affirms that he is “with Ramalho and that he tells with your full confidence”.

On the transparency portal of the government of Alagoas, Calaça appears as a candidate at the University of Health Sciences of Alagoas (Uncisal) and is a member of the medical team of Hospitals Metropolitano and da Mata. The salaries in the health units exceed R$ 20 thousand per month. In the city hall, the salary is R$ 7,000. The numbers show that the doctor does not reach the constitutional ceiling, currently at R$ 39.2 thousand, the salary of a minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

By telephone, Aldo Calaça informed that his departure was motivated by personal reasons, as he works as a neurosurgeon and will focus his work only in this area, working at Santa Casa de Misericórdia in Maceió.

“I am grateful, on this occasion, for the confidence of Mayor JHC, who has been doing an excellent job in his administration,” he pointed out.

The Health Departments of Maceió and the State were contacted, but, until the publication of the matter, they did not comment.