Maisa Silva spends chic perrengue in Paris and is ‘saved’ by an advisor · TV News

During a business trip in Paris, Maisa Silva went through a chic mess and almost lost a piece of clothing. The actress told social media that she was wearing a hat, which ended up flying in the wind, and couldn’t get it back. The Netflix contractor needed the help of its advisor, Guilherme Oliveira.

“I almost lost my hat. First it fell in the street. Then it fell in the leaves under the arm of a sculpture,” she said, showing a photo of a statue. “I went to get it, but Bill was afraid I’d mess up even more and he took it for me,” he added, laughing at his own mess.

The 19-year-old artist kept her work in Paris a secret, sharing only funny situations. With a dove phobia, Maisa complained about the size of the city’s birds. “Here there are pigeons so big they look like flying turkeys. I swear, I’m terrified. I feel sick,” she confessed.

The actress traveled in the company of her team and her parents, Gislaine and Celso Andrade. According to her, the hat almost lost in the streets of the French capital was a gift from her boyfriend, Nicholas Arashiro. They have been together for four years.

Vaccinated with the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, Maisa still had to be quarantined in a hotel before going out into the streets of Paris. The former SBT employee insisted on wearing a mask at times, even though it was no longer mandatory in the country.