Man fishing giant ‘goldfish’ from the Australian Bay depths

Animal weighed more than 10kg.  Photo: Reproduction

Animal weighed more than 10kg. Photo: Reproduction

  • Case happened in Queensland

  • Animal was over 10kg

  • Rare species in Australia identified by specialist

A man caught a 10-kilogram “goldfish” in Harvey Bay, Queensland, Australia. Brett Methven took the fish from a depth of 400 meters and, even though he was an experienced fisherman, was impressed by the size of the animal.

In a video that circulates on social networks, it is possible to see Brett’s friends shocked by the animal. At the time, they had no idea what kind of fish. They also comment that there was a shark prowling the water at that time trying to catch the same fish.

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When sharing the video, Brett jokingly wrote in the caption: “this is what happens many years after you throw your goldfish down the toilet,” highlighting how much the giant animal looks like an aquarium goldfish.

After consulting an expert, the fish species was identified as a Japanese Rubyfish, or an Erythrocles schlegelii, a fish that appears very rarely in Australia.

It takes its name because it was fished for the first time in Japan, but it can also be found in Korea, Kenya and South Africa, and it lives below 300 meters deep.