Marcos Braz criticizes Casagrande’s talk about David Luiz at Flamengo: ‘Disservice to football’

With the beginning of the last week of the transfer window, Flamengo’s soccer vice president Marcos Braz spoke about the club’s market and took the opportunity to criticize the suggestion of former athlete Walter Casagrande to defender David Luiz. On Saturday, the commentator said the player must be “safe” to return to Brazil.

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– I respect Casagrande, but in this situation, he did a disservice to Brazilian football. I didn’t understand his suggestion to David Luiz. He does a disservice to all Brazilian clubs, which do not have the euro and the dollar in their favor – replied Marcos Braz during the press conference on Monday.

The official also stated that Flamengo has “absolutely nothing official” with David Luiz, but praised the defender, stating that he is a level athlete for the Brazilian team.

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During the “Exchange of Passes”, on SporTV, Casagrande advised the defender to fully understand the reality of Brazil on and off the field before opting to sign with Flamengo.

– You can’t arrive here in Brazil and see championship disorganization, travel problems, bad situations… And think: “I could be in London, in Lisbon”. It’s no use anymore. You have to know where it’s coming from. (…) You have to know where it will fall. Because it is a place (Brazil) that is boiling. It’s not just football club, but the business is boiling – said the commentator.