Maria Lina, ex-fiancée of Whindersson, talks about insecurity after pregnancy: “Brands my son gave me”

Maria Lina Deggan, ex-fiancée of Whindersson Nunes, commented on her Instagram profile about the changes her body went through after her child’s pregnancy with the comedian. The influencer and the comedian lost their son João Miguel, who was born newborn and couldn’t resist.

“I had a lot of streaks on my chest, I’m still treating them. I had it in the leg too. In the ass and in the belly I didn’t have it. But in the chest, mainly, I had a lot. My chest was gigantic during pregnancy. I wore 54 breasts,” she said.

Maria revealed that at the beginning she did not feel safe with the changes in her body, and that she tried to hide them, but now she is well resolved: “Right after the pregnancy, I avoided wearing tank tops because my stretch marks were still very red, and I I wasn’t treating them yet, they were pretty evident. Nowadays I don’t feel bad anymore, I’m very well resolved about it. I know I have some marks here [no peito] and on the leg, and everything is fine. These are the marks my son gave me. My pregnancy was the most special, most beautiful moment of my life. So I don’t take this as something negative. I accepted my brands”.

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