Marília Mendonça appears in a bikini in photos of a trip to Mexico with Murilo Huff

Marília Mendonça posted a sequence of records in a cave during her trip to Mexico with her boyfriend, Murilo Huff

Marília Mendonça (26) is enjoying some rest days in Mexico!

The singer appeared wearing a blue bikini in a series of photos during the vacation trip with her boyfriend, Murilo Huff (25), with whom he has a child, Leo (1).

On her Instagram profile, last Monday, 23, the sertaneja posed stunningly in a cave, in the water. Marília also appeared with her beloved and friends. Good-natured, she amused her fans by subtitles the publication.

“Hard to look pretty near these wonders… God and all his perfection!”, she wrote in the caption. “I took 4,000 photos, these are the ones I gave to enjoy kkkkkkk”, joked yet.

“very full”, praised Cynthia Light in the comments. “Guapaaaaa”said Murilo Huff. “So perfect”, highlighted a follower. “It’s the mistress”, commented another.

Luísa Sonza spoils the partnership with Marília Mendonça

Luisa Sonza (23) spolied his unprecedented partnership with Marília Mendonça on the track best alone, from your album SWEET 22. “It’s closer than you think, to find out just connect a few dots… I think I’ve never represented the Brazilian as well as in this live, if you still disagree, check the photo the other day in the morning, it’s the last one”, she said.

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