Mauro Cezar: Palmeiras is the one-note samba, plays the same way – 08/23/2021

Palmeiras suffered their second straight defeat as home team in the Brazilian Championship, 2-0 to Cuiabá yesterday morning (22), when they conceded a goal in the first minute and, even having the ball and attacking the opposing team, they could not reach a draw, a scenario that has already occurred in other matches in the season for the team led by Abel Ferreira.

In the podcast Posse de Bola #134, Mauro Cezar Pereira says that the way Palmeiras play is very dependent on a scenario like the quarter-finals of the Libertadores against São Paulo, when the alviverde team came out ahead and took advantage of the mistakes made by opponent to increase their advantage by taking control of the game.

“The case of Palmeiras, Palmeiras depends a lot on the script of the game against São Paulo, which is a goal at the beginning, the advantage to speculate. Palmeiras play like that, guys, they open up the advantage and speculate. And that’s what happened against São Paulo, with a goal at the beginning, and still São Paulo could have reacted if Pablo had not been such a fickle player, to say the least, or constant,” says Mauro Cezar.

“Palmeiras manages to score 3-0, a great performance, everything worked very well and such. Yesterday was the opposite, the starting goal was Cuiabá, Cuiabá did not kill the game either because their players lacked quality , as Deyverson lacked, there were six Deyverson submissions, five great chances with the center forward who came from the bench and he lost them all,” he adds.

The journalist says that Palmeiras could use a formation with Dudu, Gustavo Scarpa and Raphael Veiga, as they had during the second half against Cuiabá, but the trio needs to be trained to act like that.

“This formation that has Dudu, Scarpa and Veiga is interesting if trained, if he works in that direction. He can have two defensive midfielders, these three midfielders and have a center forward. For certain games, in which you want to involve the opponent, work with possession of the ball, the three are able to make an individual move, put a teammate in the face of the goal, make a table, a triangulation, Dudu on the left, Veiga on the right and Scarpa on the inside, they can change positions, but there is I have to train this. And there’s time, there’s a whole week,” says Mauro.

“Think about it, who wouldn’t want to have this trio in front of two defensive midfielders and behind a center forward? It could be Luiz Adriano, it could be Ron, who has already played there in games where you want a more mobile guy, from He has very good players in his hands, but Palmeiras is a one-note samba, he plays the same way, and when the opponent sees himself in the role of Palmeiras, which is I’m winning, I’m defending myself, but I don’t have Ron, if I have Ron or Wesley, then you’ll be screwed,” he adds.

The journalist says that Palmeiras, despite being classified in the Libertadores, has been playing poorly and coach Abel Ferreira is praised for the game with São Paulo, as if he had no participation in the defeats in the Club World Cup, in the Recopa Sudamericana, in the Super Cup do Brasil, in addition to the elimination in the Copa do Brasil for the CRB.

“The amount of praise for Abel Ferreira was an absurd thing. He was inferior to Crespo in practically all the clashes they had this year, except for Tuesday, which has greater relevance, of course it has, but people take it away from the context, they ignore the defeats for Defensa y Justicia for the cup, Flamengo for the cup, elimination for the CRB, the resounding failure in the Club World Cup, all this happened with the Portuguese coach’s fingerprints,” says Mauro.

“One game is enough for it to become something wonderful and everything is forgotten, it’s a lot of goodwill, it’s a real shock troops in defense of this idea by Abel Ferreira. Oo Abel Ferreira leaves a lot to be desired. He won Libertadores, Bauza too won a Libertadores, Rueda also won a Libertadores. So what? Are they fantastic because of that? No, it happens,” he concludes.

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