Mauro: Lyon puts value on not negotiating Thiago Mendes with Flamengo – 08/24/2021

Flamengo cooled the expectation by negotiating to have the defensive midfielder Thiago Mendes after Lyon refused to lower the 2.6 million euros (R$ 16.3 million) request for the loan of the 29-year-old player, and the biggest possibility in the moment is not counting on him, in a window in which the rubro-negro club has already reinforced itself with Andreas Pereira and Kenedy.

In your participation in the program UOL News Sport, Mauro Cezar Pereira says that Lyon’s posture in the negotiation makes it clear that the club does not intend to transfer the player to Flamengo, as it was also a high investment by the French for his hiring.

“It cost a lot of money to Lyon and Lyon clearly have no interest in giving it to Flamengo. The only possibility for this negotiation to be resumed is if the player convinces the club now in the last few days there, in an international window, to give him up , get there and show the guys that he doesn’t want to stay and someone decides to release him. I think it’s very unlikely and the club is also not obliged to release the player, he has a contract in force, it cost a lot, it cost , 25 , 26 million euros to Lyon, was in Lille when he left São Paulo,” says Mauro.

The journalist says that the player is valuable and could be great for Flamengo’s squad, as for any other Brazilian club, but the cost of borrowing a player approaching 30 makes it impossible to make the right decision at the moment.

“It would be a great reinforcement for any club in Brazil, not only for Flamengo, but Flamengo tries the player on loan and obviously does not want to accept a clause that the French team tries to put, which is a clause of obligation to buy at the end of the loan if the player reaches a certain goal, number of games. And it would be a clause with a very high value, he will be 30 years old next year, he is 29. I think that even if Flamengo had this amount, pay all that money for a player, midfielder, aged 30, is not compatible with the reality of Brazilian football,” says Mauro Cezar.

“Lyon knows that Flamengo won’t pay that amount, they wouldn’t have that money, so they put a value for not having business, to close the matter, and that’s what’s happening. A turnaround today depends only on the player’s ability or not to convince the club to release him. I also think it won’t be this time, maybe in the future, in the next season it might even happen, because then his contract will only have one more year and then a negotiation becomes more viable and a way out is now practically impossible,” he concludes.