Mauro: Penalty in favor of Flu against Atlético-MG only exists in Brazil – 08/24/2021

Atlético-MG had its winning streak in the Brasileirão ended with yesterday’s 1-1 draw against Fluminense at the São Januário stadium, but complained a lot about a penalty scored by Hulk over Luccas Claro, defender of the tricolor of Laranjeiras, who eventually converted by Fred.

In your participation in the UOL News Sport, Mauro Cezar Pereira considers that Atlético-MG was harmed by the penalty kick and states that the interpretation of the play only exists in this way in Brazil.

“Once again, I think refereeing ended up interfering too much, the penalty in favor of Fluminense, in my opinion, didn’t exist, a penalty that is only scored in Brazil and was scored, Atlético-MG can even complain about it, although the arbitration doesn’t have a favorite shirt, it shoots everywhere,” says Mauro Cezar.

“In the first round there was also a bizarre penalty for Atlético-MG against Fortaleza in Mineirão, in Belo Horizonte, which was even converted by the Hulk, in a game in which Fortaleza turned around later and won the match. Yesterday it was time for Atlético-MG being a victim of the interventionism of Brazilian arbitration, for me that is not a penalty, it is a dispute over the top of the Hulk with Luccas Claro and the penalty ended up being scored”, he adds.

The journalist says that the result was not bad for the Minas Gerais club, as he managed to increase his advantage over runner-up Palmeiras, in addition to keeping the difference between Fortaleza and Flamengo, in addition to the fact that he played away from home. against a club that is traditional.

“It’s a normal result, Fluminense played in Rio de Janeiro, played in São Januário, is in a bad phase, but it’s a team that until last week was in the Libertadores, is Atlético-MG’s opponent in the Copa do Brasil . In other words, he is not a simple opponent, although he is coming in a bad phase, he changed coach, naturally there is motivation,” says Mauro.

“Anyway, for Atlético-MG the round was not bad, they increased their advantage over Palmeiras, kept it over Flamengo, who once scored a point, Fortaleza also scored a point, so they kept their distance, no a lot has changed, it has changed a little even for the better in relation to the vice-leader, who knows how long, which is Palmeiras,” he concludes.