MC Kevin’s widow confronts MC VK’s lawsuit against singer’s death witness

The lawyer Deolane Calf, widow of MC Kevin, confronted an action by Victor Elias Fontenelle, known as MC VK, against a witness to the funkeiro’s death. The information is from UOL.

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MC VK’s lawyers filed a criminal complaint for libel and defamation against Portuguese singer Fernando Dimmy Junior after he claimed he saw the singer encourage MC Kevin to hang from the balcony of the building where he fell.

Deolane said she was the one who asked him to investigate the witness. “I made this request to see if he was there in the hotel room, seeing everything. I asked the deputy to investigate, if not for check-in records, then camera. There is no dizziness here. But check out the luxury girl there. She also says you were on the balcony. Not investigate, she denounces. Do you know! So, for those of you who were asking me for a position, this is it: I was the one who insisted that it be investigated if the boy was really there,” he said.

Deolane even stated that she knows that Victor was on the balcony with her ex-husband. “I know, Victor, that you were there on the balcony. And you know it too. Anjinho… only the halo is missing, right?”, he said.

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