Montillo reveals that he offered help to Cruzeiro’s board of directors: “It didn’t work out”; former player is now a businessman

Cruzeiro lives better days after the arrival of Vanderlei Luxemburgo. It is still not possible to say that Fox is rehabilitated and will seek historic access to Serie A of the Brazilian Championship, but there is hope. At the moment, the miners occupy the 14th place in Serie B, with 24 points won, moving away from the relegation zone.

After surprising Náutico at Aflitos, where they won 1-0 with a goal by Thiago in the 37th minute of the second half, Cruzeiro received Confiança no Mineirão and won three more points with another low score. This time, who scored was Marcelo Moreno in penalty kick. The match even had the fans returning to the stadium.

Photo: Mendes Buddha/Getty Images

A special fan, however, was not in the stands, but cheered from afar. Retired from the lawns, Walter Montillo still follows Fox in Argentina, where he lives with his family. In an interview with journalist Samuel Venâncio, the former player revealed that he proposed to help Cruzeiro with some athletes that he manages in his career, but that didn’t work out.

“I set up a proxy company here in Argentina and I’m very excited about it. I spoke to the people who are now on Cruzeiro, I tried to help. I asked how I could help the club. I want to help. But it didn’t work out with some players that we could send there to help”, said Montillo, who reinforced that he is available.

“I spoke in January, at the window. I tried to send a boy who would not have the opportunity to play here and would arrive (at Cruzeiro) worthless. When you need it, I’ll be here, concluded. Now in another branch, Montillo was updated on what is happening at Cruzeiro and said he was saddened by the relegation, but he believes in access and in Cruzeiro’s ‘return’.