Municipal employee is dismissed after diverting funds from Health to “hire” a boyfriend as a phantom employee

Aug 23, 19:04

By Luana Motta

The interim government opened an investigation to investigate the case of an employee hired by the Department of Health who embezzled funds from the municipal government to hire her boyfriend as a phantom employee. The case was revealed by the column Les Partisans, this Monday (23). The 22-year-old boy received a total of R$33,000 from the Health Department, as a Self-Employed Payment Receipt (RPA) as if he were a network doctor. The employee was exonerated and the case registered at the 105th Civil Police Precinct.

According to the column, the employee held a position in commission at the Health Department and worked in the sector of issuing payments by RPA. For three months: April, May and June, the employee posted the name of her boyfriend who is not hired by the City Hall, on the payroll as if he were a doctor in the municipal network. Three receipts were paid by the Health Department in the amounts of R$ 9,000, R$ 11 thousand and R$ 13 thousand.

The Health Department informed the Tribuna that, as soon as it identified the suspicious operation, it gathered all the documentation, opened an investigation and dismissed the contractor, who had worked in the department since 2015, where she started as an intern. She also took the case to the police, to start an inquiry to investigate the case and filed a lawsuit for improbity against the former employee.

The City Hall said that after the procedures, a family member of the former employee was both at the secretariat and at the police station and made a commitment to return the amounts. The secretariat stated that this was a specific case, identified and that it is being duly investigated by Organs competent bodies.