Myrian Rios details head surgery to remove hearing aids

Myrian Rivers last week she underwent surgery to remove two prostheses from the head region. The procedure took four hours and the actress is already recovering. In conversation with Patricia Kogut’s column, Myrian gave more details about the operation.

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“My maternal family has a genetic of gradual hearing loss. 11 years ago, I had the hearing aids implanted inside my head. It was a fairly new procedure. Instead of using an external device, he stayed inside my head. And with that it was more practical, because I could shower, swim, wet my hair without worrying about the braces. When they are outdoors, you have to worry before getting wet because they are not waterproof,” he said.

Over time, she adds, companies that maintain this type of device have been decreasing.

“They left Brazil due to low demand. Conclusion: only one company, as far as I know, maintained maintenance around here. And, therefore, her demand is huge. She can’t handle it. It was in one of these that my antenna, which carried the device inside my head, broke. They didn’t have a deadline to fix or deliver me. And I needed to debut the monologue “Queen Esther”. My doctor here in São Paulo then suggested that I use external devices. But for that, there is also a process. I would need to make a mold and choose the model. Then it was a race against time, I did everything and they delivered it to me in two days. I received the device on Friday and it debuted on Saturday. It was all very new. I had to adapt. But I felt much safer, because you take it off, change the battery, put it back on. You have more control.”

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