Myrian Rios recovers well after 4-hour head surgery

Myrian Rios underwent four-hour head surgery last Thursday. The 62-year-old actress, who has hearing problems, has removed her internal hearing aids.

“I’m very happy, very well, recovering. Until the end of the week without exercising, without carrying any weight. But the recovery is fantastic”, said Myrian in an interview with Patricia Kogut.

The doctor said it would be sore, but I’m not even feeling anything. I had a bleed but he said this is normal. I changed the dressing and saw that everything is fine. I saw thousands of people praying for my recovery and I was thankful from the bottom of my heart.

Internal cochlear implants were made by the artist 11 years ago.

“It was a fairly new procedure. Instead of using an external brace, it was inside my head. And with that it was more practical, because I could shower, swim, wet my hair without worrying about the brace. When they are. external, you have to worry before getting wet because they are not waterproof,” explained the actress.

In a recent interview with UOL, Myrian said his devices malfunctioned during the pandemic.

When I took it to maintenance, they informed me that the demand for the part was very high and would take a while.

She, who needed to debut her monologue “Queen Ester”, then opted for external devices.

But for that, there is also a process. I would need to make a mold and choose the model. Then it was a race against time, I did everything and they delivered it to me in two days. I received the device on Friday and it debuted on Saturday. It was all very new. I had to adapt. But I felt much safer, because you take it off, change the battery, put it back on. You have more control.

With the new prostheses, Myrian chose to remove the internal ones. “There were two very large pieces in both ears. With them, I couldn’t do an MRI. The removal procedure took four hours and everything worked out,” he concluded.