Netflix announces new free edition of its Almanac; Know how to order yours!

Hey guys! Did you hear about it? This Monday (23) Netflix surprised its followers with a super news. Now everyone can order the newest free edition of โ€œAlmanac Tudumโ€. In 2020, the streaming platform distributed around 150,000 copies free of charge to its fans. It was a huge hit! I treasure my edition myself. ๐Ÿ’™

Back in 2020, Netflix also had its โ€œTudum Liveโ€ event with the participation of several artists and content creators.

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For those who didn’t know Almanac Tudum, it’s a kind of picture book that has images, posters, stickers and a series of exclusive materials from Netflix productions. Also, it is a very fun and interactive book with lots of games, stories and activities.

(Image: Netflix/Disclosure)

Ah! And this version is more than special! This year, it is part of Netflix’s 10th anniversary. So, it could be that he still has more surprises. Therefore, Netflix is โ€‹โ€‹betting on 200,000 copies for its fans that should arrive even faster, due to the success of past years.

Pretty cool, right? Want to find out how to order your Tudum Almanac totally for free? Find out how in the next lines!

How to order your Tudum 2021 Almanac

Netflix has posted a link on social media where fans are participating in a countdown to the release of the Almanac. It will be released at 00:01 this Tuesday (24). You can access the launch site by clicking here.

That way, when it’s midnight, everyone can ask for a printed copy of the Almanac. Remember that you must have a CPF document and a delivery address in Brazil. Once that’s done, just fill in some basic information and confirm your email, ok?

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