NEW R$ 2 thousand aid is foreseen; see who will receive

A new project in progress intends to release a new aid for the country’s truck drivers. According to information from the measure, the idea is to make this money reach autonomous truck drivers.

The project is authored by Federal Deputy Perpetua Almeida (PCdoB-AC) and Deputy Marcon (PT-RS). In addition to benefit payments, they also propose suspending loan collections for these workers. The text in question is still being processed in the Chamber of Deputies committees.

The lawmakers who created this text argue that autonomous truck drivers were one of those who were most harmed in this pandemic. A lot is said, for example, about the question of the increase in the value of gasoline. This is a situation that directly impacts these workers every day in the country.

It is not known, however, whether this text has much chance of passing through the scrutiny of parliamentarians. Until now, it is believed that the Federal Government is not very favorable to the payment of this expense at this time. This made Congresswoman Perpétua Almeida manifest herself recently on her official social networks.

“Supporting my 1953/20 bill, which guarantees aid for self-employed truck drivers, Bolsonaro doesn’t want,” she posted. The Federal Government, however, has not yet commented on the possibility of paying this benefit at this time. At least not until this story is published.

Aid for truck drivers

All this discussion is happening at a time when there is some confusion in the communication between truck drivers and the Federal Government. This whole story is growing a lot on social media in the last few hours.

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There is an idea that part of these truck drivers would be meeting to pressure the Federal Supreme Court (STF). Some leaders claim that these workers are not planning anything, but the question is still in the air.

This proposal that wants to give a aid for these workers, it is not the only one in Congress dealing with this matter. According to behind-the-scenes information, however, they are unlikely to pass.

New Family Grant

The Federal Government’s total focus at this time is even the creation of the program that will replace the current version of the family allowance. The new project should be called Brazil Aid and should come on the scene in November.

According to behind-the-scenes information, the main idea is to increase the number of beneficiaries from 14.7 million to something around 17 million. The average values ​​should also rise from R$189 to R$300. At least that is what is known so far.

Anyway, the trend is that a lot of people end up staying out of these new transfers. According to behind-the-scenes projections, around 24 million Brazilians who currently receive some help from the government will lose everything as of November.

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