Nice and Marseille are summoned to the Disciplinary Committee after a field battle for the French Championship

The Disciplinary Committee of the Professional Football League of France has summoned Olympique Marseille and Nice to a session scheduled for this Wednesday. The clubs were called up after a pitched battle in the match involving the two teams and fans last Sunday.

In the second half, Nice fans started throwing water bottles on the lawn and one of them hit Payet. The Marseille shirt number 10 retaliated and started a generalized confusion with the right to invasion of the red-black team’s fans on the pitch. Even defensive midfielder Gerson, who recently arrived in French football from Flamengo, got involved in the riot.

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Roxana Maracineanu, France’s sports minister, condemned the acts of vandalism seen last weekend, in an interview with “Franceinfo”.

– A red line has been crossed in terms of violence against players. I fight hatred and incivility in stadiums. It is unacceptable that our fans throw objects, be violent. I hope that the justice system can calmly continue its work and that there will be criminal sanctions against those found guilty and I hope that the sports bodies will take the necessary disciplinary sanctions so that they become examples.

Nice vs Marseille

Match ended in confusion (Valery HACHE / AFP)

Some Olympique de Marseille players left the field with injuries and Jorge Sampaoli’s team refused to return to the pitch and finish the match. Mandanda, the visiting team’s goalkeeper, explained the squad’s fear.

– We are clearly shocked by what happened. It is unacceptable that fans can take the field in this way. From the beginning there was bottle throwing. I was targeted at the start of the match, then Payet. I told the (game) delegate that there was no security. We were in danger as many athletes were shot and affected. For all these reasons, we couldn’t go back to the field.

There is still no information about the restart of the match from the point where it was interrupted or about punishments against Nice due to the act of their fans. When the match was suspended, the home team beat Olympique Marseille 1-0.