Paths of Memory, with Hugh Jackman, has an absurd scoop script

Contains spoilers

As Nick’s (Hugh Jackman) investigation unfolds in Paths of Memory, several plot holes emerge. One script scoop in particular is pretty absurd (via Comic Book Resources).

Nick cracks the case, saves Freddie, and defeats the villains at the end of Paths of Memory. However, Boothe’s memories confirm that Mae killed herself to protect the child’s location.

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Nick later negotiated a deal, logged on to his machine, and spent the rest of his days in memories with Mae as a happy couple. However, the logistics and operations of this make no sense.

meaningless ending

There’s no way he could live in this water cell, dreaming forever, without a team around. You can see on high-tech pods where Watts works. She visits at the end, but this one is unique, so one has to wonder why the tank is clean and the place isn’t abandoned or unhealthy.

Also, there can be health complications and with all the electrical equipment around, he can fry his brain or die. The film could have placed him in a proper legitimate cryogenic pod, but it forces a sentimental ending, as it was here that he fell in love with Mae, in love at first sight.

Paths of Memory, with Hugh Jackman, is now on display in theaters.