Paula Fernandes confirms presence in Sérgio Reis’ album; Anastacia joins the dropout list | Song

Paula Fernandes said this Monday (23) to G1 which follows confirmed in the partnership album by Sérgio Reis. Also on Monday, Anastácia said she gave up participating in the project.

Of the six participations that had been disclosed by Sérgio Reis in May:

  • Paula Fernandes is still confirmed in the project.
  • Anastácia joins Guarabyra, Guilherme Arantes, Maria Rita and Zé Ramalho, who also gave up after Sérgio Reis’ anti-democratic speeches.

“Paula was invited by Sérgio Reis to be part of his project at the beginning of 2021. She recorded her voice of her participation in the studio (from a distance) and sent it to production right after the invitation. Yes, Paula is still confirmed”, said the singer’s advice to G1 when being questioned.

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Why are Sérgio Reis and Otoni de Paula targets of the PF's operation?

Why are Sérgio Reis and Otoni de Paula targets of the PF’s operation?

Anastácia’s staff responded with the following message: “Anastácia always had admiration and respect for Sérgio Reis and his artistic work. But he also declined to participate in the project.”

Anastácia would sing in a duet with Sérgio “I just want a xodó”, a classic of the forró composed by her with Dominguinhos.

Anastasia — Photo: Disclosure

The partnership album had been announced in May 2021, with release scheduled for the second half, as reported on Mauro Ferreira’s Blog. The publicized participations were with Guilherme Arantes, Maria Rita, Guarabyra, Zé Ramalho, Paula Fernandes and Anastácia.

The advice of William Arantes, who would sing “Water Planet”, sent to the G1 a communiqué from the singer, which had already been published in the newspaper “O Globo”: “For me, composer, the last straw, without wanting to play a pun, was this colleague saying that he is not lame, that he is not a woman. me, that expression was enough. Enough. I don’t want to participate anymore, period.”

Above, Maria Rita and Guilherme Arantes. Below, Guarabyra and Sérgio Reis. — Photo: Disclosure

“‘Planeta Água’ is an ode to the feminine spirit of nature, key to the Brazilian soul. Water is the symbol element of Brazil, key element of the feminine nature of the universe. And it is in the feminine that the strength of this element of life lies . Thus, and just because of this mistake, the song was incompatible with the interpreter”, completes Guilherme Arantes in the statement sent by his advisor.

The advice of Maria Rita confirmed that the singer, who would participate in the song “Romaria” left the album project because of the singer’s speeches. But she declined to comment further on the matter.

Guarabyra, famous for the duo with Sá, who would participate in the song “Sobradinho”, wrote: “From Sérgio Reis, I always had great admiration for his work, good taste, extreme musicality. de Sobradinho. But I consider myself incompatible with its current position and unfortunately I decline the invitation.”

After the initial claim, Guarabyra published another text: “I have absolute respect for the political position of anyone, and I have always valued the loyal and democratic debate. However, I have absolute contempt for those who despise the loyal and democratic debate and threaten democracy with authoritarian measures – to the point of releasing a video in which there is even mention of bloodshed, if necessary – regardless of who they are: musician, colleague, or not.”

Joe Ramalho announced in a statement that it prohibits singer Sérgio Reis from using on the album the recording of “Admirável Gado Novo” in a duet recorded in May 2019. of the work”, he informed.

Zé Ramalho — Photo: Dario Zalis / Publicity