Paulo Gustavo’s mother pays tribute to her son at Criança Esperança

Déa Lúcia, mother of Paulo Gustavo, was one of the guests at the Criança Esperança show, held on Monday night (23). She paid tribute to her son, actor and comedian Paulo Gustavo, who died at age 42 as a result of Covid-19 complications.

“Paulo Gustavo did not give advice, his way of being and living was his own message, he was his own hope. Humor was a way of life, which exchanges regrets for grace, jokes, generosity and hard work”, commented the retired teacher, visibly moved.

(Photo: Reproduction/Gshow)

(Photo: Reproduction/Gshow)

“The youth passed smiling in their accelerated and luminous passage between us. He taught and showed, in truth, that laughing is an act of resistance, a way of loving one’s neighbor, an act of courage. He believed that the storm ends, the sun always ends. he will be born. And that you don’t have to look far to find someone to love. And he did it all with a smile.”

Déa Lúcia sang along with IZA and Ivete Sangalo “O Sol Nascerá”, by Cartola. At the end of the song she looked at the sky and excitedly said: “I did it, my son!”

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