PF investigates the diversion of nearly R$12 million to carry out works in the interior of Roraima | Roraima

The Federal Police (PF) started this Tuesday morning (24) the operation Suzerano, with the objective of investigating the diversion of almost R$ 12 million in federal public resources destined to carry out works in municipalities in the interior of Roraima.

The agents serve ten search and seizure warrants in Boa Vista and Brasília (DF), issued by the 4th Federal Criminal Court of the state.

The investigated is the former federal deputy Abel Mesquita (DEM), known as Abel Galinha. According to the PF, even after his term in office, he benefited from the parliamentary amendments he authored, through the hiring of companies from his personal and family circle as beneficiaries of the bids.

“He acted as if he were the owner of the public funds involved, including his son-in-law and the regional party treasurer, whose board he presided over,” detailed the PF.

During the searches on Tuesday, Abel Galinha was found with powdered gold without proof of origin, and money. It was referred to the PF Superintendence for action (see video above).

Operation Overlord was triggered this Tuesday morning (24) — Photo: Publicity/Federal Police

O G1 he got in touch with the former deputy by phone and message, but he didn’t get a reply until the last update of this article.

Also according to the PF, six agreements were signed with four companies to carry out works and services in the interior of the state, in the amount of R$ 11,901,876.14. According to the PF, suspicions were raised by the low number of employees at these companies – one of them even without employees – and the inexistence of services other than those for city halls.

Abel Galinha is the leader of the DEM in Roraima and a political ally of Senator Chico Rodrigues, of the same party, who led the scandal of money in underwear last year. He hid R$33,000 with his private parts when the PF was serving a search and seizure warrant in Operation Desvid-19.

According to the PF, the name of the operation refers to the individual who, in feudalism, was the owner of the land and, for this reason, charged the serfs a large part of what they produced for their livelihood.

The investigations are an offshoot of the second stage of the Godfather operation, launched in October 2020, which investigated Abel Galinha’s involvement in fraud in more than R$14 million in contracts from the Health Department of Roraima.

Six agreements were signed with four companies to carry out works and services in municipalities in the interior of the state — Photo: Adriã Galvão/Rede Amazônica