Premier League will not release athletes for national teams

The Premier League, the governing body of the Premier League, announced today that the 20 clubs in the competition have unanimously decided not to release some athletes called up by their respective national teams to play matches during the September FIFA date.

The decision is only valid for games in the ‘red list’ countries of the United Kingdom. In all, 69 players who play in the Premier League will be barred by this decision, including nine Brazilians. The list includes countries classified as ‘at risk’ in relation to covid-19, so people who come from these places must comply with quarantine when they arrive in England.

Brazil faces Chile, Argentina and Peru between the 2nd and 9th of September and will have important embezzlement if the veto is maintained. Among Tite’s squads that are affected by the decision are Alisson, Ederson, Thiago Silva, Fabinho, Fred, Gabriel Jesus, little raph, Firmino and Richardson.

The veto came after FIFA sent a letter to Conmebol guaranteeing the release of those called up. It provides sanctions for clubs that do not comply with the determination.

In the statement, the Premier League announced that 26 countries that would host their athletes are on the list. One of the reasons given by the League for the veto is that the need for athletes to undergo a 10-day quarantine, which is not ideal for the players’ health and physical maintenance. In addition, the time to be able to return to the fields would be long and athletes would miss important matches.

All South American countries are on the list, meaning no South American players will be released to play in the qualifiers that take place in September.

In addition to the South American nations, countries like Mexico, Egypt and Turkey are also on the list and will be embezzled by the Premier League ban.