President and vice president of Santos were against the sale of Luan Peres

The president of Santos, Andres Rueda, and the vice-president, José Carlos de Oliveira, were against the sale of Luan Peres to Olympique de Marseille (FRA).

The votes of the Management Committee meeting were made available through the minutes in the Transparency Portal in this Monday.

Rueda and José Carlos voted against, but Dagoberto Oliva, Rafael Leal, Vitor Loureiro Sion and Walter Schalka approved. José Berenguer and Ricardo Campanário did not participate in this meeting.

Peixe agreed to receive around 4.5 million euros (BRL 28 million) for what it had economic rights (70%). The transaction also included bonuses for goals achieved by the athlete in France and maintenance of 10% of the “pass”.

Rueda was against it, but the sale of Luan enabled an agreement with Doyen and the fulfillment of the agreement with Krasnodar (RUS) by Christian Cueva.

“Schalka argued in favor of the proposal, indicating that the club still has a worrying monthly deficit, with ordinary revenues being insufficient for expenses. In addition, there is a need to pay off installments with Krasnodar, Giuliano Bertolucci, Huachipato and an input for us to sign an agreement with Doyen.

José Carlos de Oliveira argued against the sale, considering that the wear would be unnecessary, at a time when the team is evolving on the field. Rafael Leal voted in favor of the sale, but suggesting the investment of part of the transaction in new athletes for the cast. Dagoberto defended the athlete’s sale for two reasons, the need to reinforce the box and the player’s desire to transfer. Vitor Sion indicated that both alternatives had pros
and cons, but that, without being sure of any negotiation in the mid-year window, it was essential to sell Luan now to pay off debts and reduce the payroll. Rueda voted against the sale and closed the meeting, announcing the result of a 4 to 2 result for the completion of the deal”, says the minutes.

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