Promo on Play Store: 79 free or discounted apps and games for Android

A new week has already started with benefits for those who have a cell phone with the Android operating system. After 52 promotions last weekend, another 79 apps can be found for free or at a discount on the Play Store this Monday (23).

Of that total amount, 27 are available for free, while another 52 are buyable at a discount. These include categories such as apps, games and personalization items.

To purchase, simply make a symbolic purchase inside the store. The steps follow the same: you access the link of the record of each application and add it to your Google account. Afterwards, the title license will be associated with your login forever, which allows you to download it on other devices as well, as long as you have entered with the same email.

The period options are found below. Remember that each alternative has a different expiration date to redeem the promotion. That is, the value can return to the original cost at any time.