Milton Ribeiro is the current Minister of Education in the Bolsonaro government

Milton Ribeiro is the current Minister of Education in the Bolsonaro government| Photo: Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom/Agência Brasil

Federal deputies of the PSOL asked the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) to open an investigation against the Minister of Education, Milton Ribeiro, due to the statements about students with disabilities. The official letter was sent to the Assistant Attorney General of the Republic, Carlos Alberto Vilhena, who is the coordinator of the Federal Attorney’s Office for Citizens’ Rights.

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In addition to the investigation, the PSOL lawmakers requested that the minister be held responsible for the statements and have to pay compensation for collective moral damage. The amount would be donated to human rights entities that work in defense of people with disabilities.

In an interview with TV Brasil’s “Novo Sem Censura” program last week, Ribeiro defended the new National Policy on Special Education, currently suspended by decision of the Supreme Court (STF). During his speech, the minister said that families should have the option of enrolling children with disabilities in special adapted classes or regular classes. While arguing in favor of the proposal, Ribeiro said that “the child with a disability was placed inside a room for non-disabled students. She didn’t learn, she got in the way, in quotes this word, which I speak very carefully”.

The article contacted the Ministry of Education, but did not get a return.