Psychologist found dead in trunk would have gone out pedaling, says husband

Psychologist Marilda Matias Ferreira, 37, is said to have gone out cycling before being found dead in the trunk of a car in her garage, in Pouso Alegre (MG), according to her husband’s testimony. Her body was found with her hands and feet tied, wearing a biker’s clothing and helmet.

It was her own husband, a 62-year-old veterinarian, who reportedly found Marilda’s body. For the Military Police, he said that he had received a message from his wife on Saturday that he was going to ride.

Also according to the testimony, according to G1, the husband said he was working on Saturday (21), on a farm when he received the message from his wife. Later, when he got home, around 4 pm, he didn’t find her and thought she hadn’t arrived from her bike ride yet.

At night, after the wife did not return, the man started to look for her at the hospital and the police station. On Sunday morning, when he decided to look inside the car, he found his wife’s body in the trunk and called the police.

The psychologist’s body had no signs of violence. In the expert’s first analysis, it was found that she had died more than 12 hours before she was found.

The house where the couple lived had no signs of breaking into. There were also no signs of overturned furniture or stolen materials or money inside the house.