Queiroga says that the third dose depends on the advance of the second – News

The Minister of Health Marcelo Queiroga said, on Monday (23/8), that there will only be application of a third dose of the vaccine against covid-19 after there is progress on the second. “The WHO, today, dictated a position in the sense that the third dose was not advanced until the second dose was applied mostly to the global population”, justified the minister, in an agenda in São José do Rio Preto, interior of São Paulo. Paul.

The minister acknowledged that there is concern regarding the number of people who did not show up to take the second dose of the immunizing agent. In all, there are 8.5 million Brazilians with delayed application of reinforcement.

“We know that immunization against covid-19 is the main weapon to contain the pandemic character of this disease. So, it is essential, it is important, that the Brazilian population that took the first dose of the vaccine comes back to take the second dose, because, only then, the immunization will be complete”, defended Queiroga.

A study in partnership with the University of Oxford will guide the ministry’s decision on the application of the third dose, according to Queiroga.

“The expert opinion is important, but when this opinion is reinforced with quality scientific evidence, it is the certainty that we will go on the right path”, he concluded.