Rafa Brites talks about physical exercise during pregnancy: “Lugging” – Marie Claire Magazine

Rafa Brites (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Rafa Brites (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Rafa Brites encouraged his followers to exercise and talked about the relationship with physical exercise during pregnancy. This Tuesday (24), she appeared walking on a treadmill in videos posted on Instagram Stories and talked about the lack of motivation to move during pregnancy.

“As I joke, there are days I don’t even believe. Here I go to the treadmill. It makes me lazy, makes me want to stay alone in bed, but I find a way to get up, come and walk. I swear, 20 minutes, half an hour to put the body to move,” he said.

“I always like to stop by to encourage you to do your own exercise. Whether climbing the stairs of your building, going to the bakery, picking up your child from school on foot… to put the body to move and thus produce these neurotransmitters that depend on the movement of our body,” he encouraged.

Brites stressed that the motivation is not aesthetics, but well-being. “I’m in no mood, but I’m coming, guys. I’ve been dragging myself. And it’s not because I need the body, I’m pregnant. I’ve been dragging myself because I want to feel good, sleep better, I want my body to have endorphins.” , he explained.

The presenter is expecting her second child with her husband, Felipe Andreoli, and is in the 13th week of pregnancy. She recently said on her Instagram that she’s been having nausea and that she’s not a fan of the early months of pregnancy. She and the journalist are already parents of rocco, 4 years old.

“I’m not going to say it’s cool, no. I don’t really like the first months of pregnancy. I’m super indisposed and super nauseous. For me, I would jump straight to the fifth month,” she said. “After week 15, I get too much, thinking I’m very beautiful!”